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Justin and Jack have been brewing together for almost a decade. What started as just a hobby between friends in 2012 has developed into a full fledged passion; so much so that after deciding to take Majestic Beast from a dream to a reality, Justin moved away for 4 years to pursue a degree in Fermentation Sciences at Oregon State University. After realizing that the best way to build the dream was to DO it, Justin returned to Oklahoma and the guys got to work. They hit the ground running; brewing every Sunday for almost a year, building their brand and honing their craft. After lots of hard work, the guys threw their first Garage Party where they were able to showcase their new brand to the community and begin making a name for themselves. Over the months that followed, other breweries started to take notice and Majestic Beast was approached by 405 Brewing in Norman to collaborate on two commercial batches, which received rave reviews.
Currently, the guys are working on procuring their own commercial space where they can continue to perfect their craft and get Majestic Beast beer to the masses!

At Majestic Beast it's our goal to create great beer that enhances the community around us. We strongly believe that there is a beer out there for everyone.

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